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Re: cloud-init - questions as I read


On 11/01/2017 18:34, Scott Moser wrote:
I think we're on the same page here.
I want whatever does the configuration of ssh to do the right thing.  It
may require looking at where its running to decide where ssh on the system
would put these files.
Well, the IBM ssh (based on ssh-6.0p1) still shows strings values, but my build of openbsd.openssh-7.3p1 seems to have all the strings "encoded" in some way (I just see lots of

so - curious what "linux" distros of the latest openssh have for strings out of the binary.

Or do have another idea re: how to see 'where it is running?' My initial assumption would be it is not yet running - as it must still be configured.

Anyway, for now I shall just think "we are on the same page" - and you can ask why I did something later. At least I know one additional place to look (cc_ssh.py)

If that behavior doesn't work for some system, then its good to be able to
provide config that has the right paths.  Its just better if you dont have