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Release of 18.1


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Hello All,

Cloud-init release 18.1 is now available.

The 17.2 release:
 * spanned just over 2 months.
 * had 12 contributors from 10 domains.
 * Fixed 23 launchpad.net issues.

 - tests: Enable AWS EC2 Integration Testing [Joshua Powers]
 - OpenNebula: Improve network configuration support.
   [Akihiko Ota] (LP: #1719157, #1716397, #1736750)
 - GCE: Improvements and changes to ssh key behavior for default user.
   [Max Illfelder] (LP: #1670456, #1707033, #1707037, #1707039)
 - OVF: Fix VMware support for 64-bit platforms. [Sankar Tanguturi]

The full ChangeLog is below:

 - OVF: Fix VMware support for 64-bit platforms. [Sankar Tanguturi]
 - ds-identify: Fix searching for iso9660 OVF cdroms. (LP: #1749980)
 - SUSE: Fix groups used for ownership of cloud-init.log [Robert Schweikert]
 - ds-identify: check /writable/system-data/ for nocloud seed.
   (LP: #1747070)
 - tests: run nosetests in cloudinit/ directory, fix py26 fallout.
 - tools: run-centos: git clone rather than tar.
 - tests: add support for logs with lxd from snap and future lxd 3.
   (LP: #1745663)
 - EC2: Fix get_instance_id called against cached datasource pickle.
   (LP: #1748354)
 - cli: fix cloud-init status to report running when before result.json
   (LP: #1747965)
 - net: accept network-config in netplan format for renaming interfaces
   (LP: #1709715)
 - Fix ssh keys validation in ssh_util [Tatiana Kholkina]
 - docs: Update RTD content for cloud-init subcommands.
 - OVF: Extend well-known labels to include OVFENV. (LP: #1698669)
 - Fix potential cases of uninitialized variables. (LP: #1744796)
 - tests: Collect script output as binary, collect systemd journal, fix lxd.
 - HACKING.rst: mention setting user name and email via git config.
 - Azure VM Preprovisioning support. [Douglas Jordan] (LP: #1734991)
 - tools/read-version: Fix read-version when in a git worktree.
 - docs: Fix typos in docs and one debug message. [Florian Grignon]
 - btrfs: support resizing if root is mounted ro.
   [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1734787)
 - OpenNebula: Improve network configuration support.
   [Akihiko Ota] (LP: #1719157, #1716397, #1736750)
 - tests: Fix EC2 Platform to return console output as bytes.
 - tests: Fix attempted use of /run in a test case.
 - GCE: Improvements and changes to ssh key behavior for default user.
   [Max Illfelder] (LP: #1670456, #1707033, #1707037, #1707039)
 - subp: make ProcessExecutionError have expected types in stderr, stdout.
 - tests: when querying ntp server, do not do dns resolution.
 - Recognize uppercase vfat disk labels [James Penick] (LP: #1598783)
 - tests: remove zesty as supported OS to test [Joshua Powers]
 - Do not log warning on config files that represent None. (LP: #1742479)
 - tests: Use git hash pip dependency format for pylxd.
 - tests: add integration requirements text file [Joshua Powers]
 - MAAS: add check_instance_id based off oauth tokens. (LP: #1712680)
 - tests: update apt sources list test [Joshua Powers]
 - tests: clean up image properties [Joshua Powers]
 - tests: rename test ssh keys to avoid appearance of leaking private keys.
   [Joshua Powers]
 - tests: Enable AWS EC2 Integration Testing [Joshua Powers]
 - cli: cloud-init clean handles symlinks (LP: #1741093)
 - SUSE: Add a basic test of network config rendering. [Robert Schweikert]
 - Azure: Only bounce network when necessary. (LP: #1722668)
 - lint: Fix lints seen by pylint version 1.8.1.
 - cli: Fix error in cloud-init modules --mode=init. (LP: #1736600)