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Customize cloudinit to process a single yaml file


I would like to leverage cloud-init to configure networking etc. on my Centos VM running on VMware. My understanding is that cloud-init configuration
for VM's running VMware should be packaged into an ISO or floppy that is attached to the VM (from slide 26 in https://people.redhat.com/mskinner/rhug/q3.2014/cloud-init.pdf)

My environment doesn't allow access to either the cdrom or floppy device and hence I'd like to explore alternate ways of applying cloudinit config to my VM. Instead of enabling the cloud-init systemd service to run on boot, I want to simply call cloud-init manually to apply a pre-cooked config file that resides on the filesystem. 

My specific question is this:

If I save a cloud-config .yaml file on the filesystem, is there a way to ask cloud-init to process and apply it? From a cursory look of the command-line options and documentation, I don't see how this can be achieved.

If the above isn't possible, are there any suggestions on how I can implement this solution?


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