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cloud-init run command executed on every boot


Hello cloud-init experts. I have two basic question regarding cloud-init

I have recently created an ubuntu server vm (using VBox) and I want to use
the cloud-init service specifically the runcmd functionality. I am creating
a file foo.yaml having the content below

# run commands
# default: none
# runcmd contains a list of either lists or a string
# each item will be executed in order at rc.local like level with
# output to the console
# - runcmd only runs during the first boot
# - if the item is a list, the items will be properly executed as if
#   passed to execve(3) (with the first arg as the command).
# - if the item is a string, it will be simply written to the file and
#   will be interpreted by 'sh'
# Note, that the list has to be proper yaml, so you have to quote
# any characters yaml would eat (':' can be problematic)
 - [ ls, -l, / ]
 - [ sh, -xc, "echo $(date) ': hello world!'" ]
 - [ sh, -c, echo "=========hello world'=========" ]
 - ls -l /root
 - [ wget, "http://slashdot.org";, -O, /tmp/index.html ]

The question is. How can I configure my vm via cloud init so that the
aforementioned runcmd is executed *everytime* the vm boots.

The second question is how will I use this foo.yml so that the this  runcmd  is
executed only once when the the vm is created. The vm will be created
through openstack and Vbox.

Thanks in advance


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