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Cloud-init status bi-weekly meeting shifted to: June 18th 16:00 UTC


Hi cloud-init crew,

    Due to some scheduling conflicts, with our bi-weekly Monday cloud-init
status meeting, we will be shifting the meeting by one week to Monday June
18th 16:00 UTC.  The meeting is held every-other week in IRC on Freenode in
the #cloud-init channel.

For those who haven't attended, the status meeting is a venue where anyone
with interest, needs or concerns related to cloud-init development can come
and check on feature status, upcoming development and open office hours for
discussion about bugs, best practices or feature gaps.

Past status meeting minutes are available at https://cloud-init.github.io.

Hope to see you there,
Chad Smith (blackboxsw)

[1] IRC browser link for those without a client:
[2] Status meeting minutes: https://cloud-init.github.io