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Release of cloud-init 18.4


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Cloud-init 18.4 is now available.

The 18.4 release:
 * Spanned just over 3 months.
 * Had 17 contributors from 13 domains.
 * Fixed 18 bugs.

 * Add datasource Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).
 * SmartOS: Support for re-reading metadata and re-applying on each boot
   [Mike Gerdts]
 * Scaleway: Add network configuration to the DataSource [Louis Bouchard]
 * Azure: allow azure to generate network configuration from IMDS per
 * Support access to platform meta-data in cloud-config and user-data via
   jinja rendering. (LP: #1791781)

A big thank you to all who contributed.


The full ChangeLog is below:

 - add rtd example docs about new standardized keys
 - use ds._crawled_metadata instance attribute if set when writing
 - ec2: update crawled metadata. add standardized keys
 - tests: allow skipping an entire cloud_test without running.
 - tests: disable lxd tests on cosmic
 - cii-tests: use unittest2.SkipTest in ntp_chrony due to new deps
 - lxd: adjust to snap installed lxd.
 - docs: surface experimental doc in instance-data.json
 - tests: fix ec2 integration tests. process meta_data instead of meta-data
 - Add support for Infiniband network interfaces (IPoIB). [Mark Goddard]
 - cli: add cloud-init query subcommand to query instance metadata
 - tools/tox-venv: update for new features.
 - pylint: ignore warning assignment-from-no-return for _write_network
 - stages: Fix bug causing datasource to have incorrect sys_cfg.
   (LP: #1787459)
 - Remove dead-code _write_network distro implementations.
 - net_util: ensure static configs have netmask in translate_network result
   [Thomas Berger] (LP: #1792454)
 - Fall back to root:root on syslog permissions if other options fail.
   [Robert Schweikert]
 - tests: Add mock for util.get_hostname. [Robert Schweikert] (LP: #1792799)
 - ds-identify: doc string cleanup.
 - OpenStack: Support setting mac address on bond.
   [Fabian Wiesel] (LP: #1682064)
 - bash_completion/cloud-init: fix shell syntax error.
 - EphemeralIPv4Network: Be more explicit when adding default route.
   (LP: #1792415)
 - OpenStack: support reading of newer versions of metdata.
 - OpenStack: fix bug causing 'latest' version to be used from network.
   (LP: #1792157)
 - user-data: jinja template to render instance-data.json in cloud-config
   (LP: #1791781)
 - config: disable ssh access to a configured user account
 - tests: print failed testname instead of docstring upon failure
 - tests: Disallow use of util.subp except for where needed.
 - sysconfig: refactor sysconfig to accept distro specific templates paths
 - Add unit tests for config/cc_ssh.py [Francis Ginther]
 - Fix the built-in cloudinit/tests/helpers:skipIf
 - read-version: enhance error message [Joshua Powers]
 - hyperv_reporting_handler: simplify threaded publisher
 - VMWare: Fix a network config bug in vm with static IPv4 and no gateway.
   [Pengpeng Sun] (LP: #1766538)
 - logging: Add logging config type hyperv for reporting via Azure KVP
   [Andy Liu]
 - tests: disable other snap test as well [Joshua Powers]
 - tests: disable snap, fix write_files binary [Joshua Powers]
 - Add datasource Oracle Compute Infrastructure (OCI).
 - azure: allow azure to generate network configuration from IMDS per boot.
 - Scaleway: Add network configuration to the DataSource [Louis Bouchard]
 - docs: Fix example cloud-init analyze command to match output.
   [Wesley Gao]
 - netplan: Correctly render macaddress on a bonds and bridges when
   provided. (LP: #1784699)
 - tools: Add 'net-convert' subcommand command to 'cloud-init devel'.
 - redhat: remove ssh keys on new instance. (LP: #1781094)
 - Use typeset or local in profile.d scripts. (LP: #1784713)
 - OpenNebula: Fix null gateway6 [Akihiko Ota] (LP: #1768547)
 - oracle: fix detect_openstack to report True on OracleCloud.com DMI data
   (LP: #1784685)
 - tests: improve LXDInstance trying to workaround or catch bug.
 - update_metadata re-config on every boot comments and tests not quite
   right [Mike Gerdts]
 - tests: Collect build_info from system if available.
 - pylint: Fix pylint warnings reported in pylint 2.0.0.
 - get_linux_distro: add support for rhel via redhat-release.
 - get_linux_distro: add support for centos6 and rawhide flavors of redhat
   (LP: #1781229)
 - tools: add '--debug' to tools/net-convert.py
 - tests: bump the version of paramiko to 2.4.1.
 - docs: note in rtd about avoiding /tmp when writing files (LP: #1727876)
 - ubuntu,centos,debian: get_linux_distro to align with platform.dist
   (LP: #1780481)
 - Fix boothook docs on environment variable name (INSTANCE_I ->
   INSTANCE_ID) [Marc Tamsky]
 - update_metadata: a datasource can support network re-config every boot
 - tests: drop salt-minion integration test (LP: #1778737)
 - Retry on failed import of gpg receive keys.
 - tools: Fix run-container when neither source or binary package requested.
 - docs: Fix a small spelling error. [Oz N Tiram]
 - tox: use simplestreams from git repository rather than bzr.