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Re: Ephemeral Network APIs


On Mon, 12 Nov 2018, at 21:28, Chad Smith wrote:
> Minimally, I'd want cloud-init to fix the logic in
> EphemeralIPv4Network to check each aspect of the requested network
> configuration separately: IP, prefix/mask, broadcast, router IP and
> link status and ensure that all desired aspects of configuration are
> correct. EphemeralIPv4Network should not exit in success upon just
> seeing an IP address configured.
so, effectively, you want EphemeralIPv4Network to be *idempotent*
I'm not sure how to ensure that within the current framework.

> What do folks think about making the connectivity check an optional
> parameter to EphemeralIPv4Network?> def __init__(self, interface, ip, prefix_or_mask, broadcast,
> router=None, connectivity_url=None):> 
>  If connectivity_url is set, EphemeralIPv4Network would check
>  connectivity to the connectivity_url, then EphemeralIPv4Network would
>  perform some basic connectivity check and noop if unnecessary.
>  Otherwise, it would setup the desired network configuration provided.

Can someone help me to take a the current cloudinit.net towards that

o/~ i

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