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cloud-init SRU 19.2.24: Xenial, Bionic and Disco


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Hi cloud-init!

  The Ubuntu Server team has just finished our test qualification
of a Stable Release Update (SRU) of cloud-init version 19.2.24 into
Ubuntu Xenial, Bionic and Disco. This SRU contains bug fixes and
features landed in tip of cloud-init up to and including tag

High-level features and bug fixes:
  - Add new Exoscale datasource
  - Oracle:
    - Render secondary vnic IP and MTU values only
    - prefer DS network config over initramfs
    - configure secondary NICs on Virtual Machines
  - ubuntu-drivers: call db_x_loadtemplatefile to accept NVIDIA EULA
  - Azure:
    - Record boot timestamps, system information, and diagnostic events
    - generate_fallback_nic emits network v2 config instead of v1
    - add region and AZ properties from imds compute location metadata
  - GCE: Add support for publishing host keys to GCE guest attributes
  - New data source for the Exoscale.com cloud platform [Chris Glass]
  - stages: allow data sources to override network config source order
  - Fix bug rendering MTU on bond or vlan when input was netplan.
  - net: add rfc3442 (classless static routes) to EphemeralDHCP
  - Support netplan renderer in Arch Linux
  - OVF: Add a cdrom size checker for OVF ds to ds-identify
    - VMWare: Trigger the post customization script via cc_scripts module.
  - Cloud-init analyze module: Added ability to analyze boot events.
  - Update debian eni network configuration location, retain Ubuntu setting
  - net: skip bond interfaces in get_interfaces
  - Hetzner: Add missing dsname for Hetzner Cloud datasource
  - sysconfig: support more bonding options
  - cloud-init-generator: use libexec path to ds-identify on redhat systems
  - tools/build-on-freebsd: update to python3
  - Allow identification of OpenStack by Asset Tag
  - run-container: centos: comment out the repo mirrorlist
  - netplan: update netplan key mappings for gratuitous-arp
  - freebsd:
    - fix the name of cloudcfg VARIANT
    - ability to grow root file system
    - NoCloud data source support

If the new versions of cloud-init cause you any problems, please don't
hesitate to file a bug on Launchpad:


For CentOS users: we publish both our upstream and SRU releases of
to our copr el-testing repo which can be found at:

Thanks all for your contributions and validation efforts,
Chad Smith (blackboxsw) & the cloud-init team