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python version and deprecation



At the summit last week we discussed the version of Python the project
would target. I wanted to summarize the decisions and allow for any
objections or clarifications to be raised before any of the following
changes are made:

a) The last release of 2019, version 19.3 or 19.4, is last release to
support Python 2.7
b) The first release of 2020, version 20.1, is the first release to drop
all Python 2 support and the project will target Python 3.4
c) With the first release of 2020, any Python 2 support will be removed
from CI tests, tox, etc.
d) Any "ifdefs" that check for Python 2 version will be
opportunistically removed

At a future time we will discuss how to continue moving support for the
Python version.

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