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Re: Cloud-init service showing inactive after startup.



On Sun, May 24, 2020 at 05:20:22PM +0530, jyoti.yadav wrote:
> I have been start using cloud-init with cloudstack. So I start with
> password generator module that is working perfectly fine.
> <snip>
> So why it not UP during boot even I enable it so it start automatically.
> I checked the logs of /run/cloud-init/ds-identify.log and it shows:
> [up 4.03s] ds-identify
> policy loaded: mode=search report=false found=all maybe=all
> notfound=disabled
> /etc/cloud/cloud.cfg.d/99_cloudstack.cfg set datasource_list:
> no datasource_list found, using default: MAAS ConfigDrive NoCloud AltCloud
> Azure Bigstep CloudSigma CloudStack DigitalOcean AliYun Ec2 GCE OpenNebula
> OpenStack OVF SmartOS Scaleway Hetzner IBMCloud Oracle

We can see that CloudStack is included in this list, so it will be


But this is the problem, the CloudStack ds-identify check expects
DMI_PRODUCT_NAME to start with "CloudStack":

    dscheck_CloudStack() {
        is_container && return ${DS_NOT_FOUND}
        dmi_product_name_matches "CloudStack*" && return $DS_FOUND
        return $DS_NOT_FOUND

Is changing the product name something that you can do?



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