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Where (if anywhere) do MIME-bundled x-shellscripts get placed?


Hello all!

I have a simple multipart MIME with a cloud-config part and a simple
x-shellscript part. It is working fine. But _before_ it was working fine, I
tried troubleshooting by looking around for the x-shellscript to be dropped
in /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-instance, and then broadened my search to
/var/lib/cloud, and never found it. Ultimately I apparently fixed my issue,
and my script started executing on instance creation, and it was all good.
But I still never saw a script getting copied where I expected it.

>From reading the code for cloudinit/handlers/shellscript.py, it looks like
the script should be copied to the per-instance folder somewhere similar.
But it's slow going for me to understand the code and I could easily be
missing something. So I figured I'd just ask.

Does that file get copied somewhere I'm not looking? Or is it run 'in
place' from the MIME file, or perhaps from a persisted user-data file of
some sort?


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