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2021 release schedule


The cloud-init team, in an effort to help community participation and
preparation, would like to share our expected timelines for cutting
our releases. We've placed the schedule in a discourse post [1] and
hope this helps everyone target their work towards the releases as
they come up through the year.

This is also a heads up that we're looking to cut the first release of
2021 on Feb 22nd. If you have any work in progress that you'd like to
make sure is in that release please reach out for any assistance and
we are happy to help.

The dates for the four primary releases are:
21.1 - Feb 22nd
21.2 - May 3
21.3 - Aug 18
21.4 - Nov 1

Thank you all and we are excited for what the current year will bring
to cloud-init.

Rick Harding
Ubuntu Server

1: https://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/cloud-init-2021-release-schedule/20897