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Re: Code for Hypervisor detection



On 8/12/21 4:25 PM, SUDHAKAR REDDY KHANDI wrote:

I am new to cloud-init.I have been trying to find out how cloud-init
detects the cloud-platform (AZR/AWS/etc). someone point me where this code
is present(assume no datasource_list is configured)

Please, let me know how cloud-init uses the "datasource_list" config? is it
a hint to cloud-init that it is a so-and-so cloud platform ?

cloud-init checks the config and uses whatever is configure. If this does not exist in the configuration cloud-init will fall back to auto detection mode. Note the auto detection mode exists twice, once in the code executed by the generator, i.e. tools/ds-identify and once in the Python code where we look for the data source.



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