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On 8/31/21 1:41 PM, André Michel Schulz wrote:
Hello community,

I'm getting in touch because they have some questions regarding the
configuration of the cloud.cfg file.

I have two problems, ssh key and password reset.

When resetting the password, when the machine is restarted by cloudstack,
cloud init does not set the new password.

About the SSH keys, it doesn't inform them correctly. Thus not being able
to access via SSH.

I use Cloud init together with CloudStack. I have a web portal where I
define some information, such as the ssh key. This information is sent to
CloudStack, but cloud init is not reading this information correctly. I've
already filtered via DHCP request and the information is correct, so I
suspect it's a problem with the cloud.cfg file. Attached I leave my
configuration file to help in understanding.

I'm starting to use cloud init a few months ago, so if I messed up
something simple, forgive me in advance.

ssh keys and/or password in cloud-init are handled by the so called data sources. The setting in the config that is relevant is the


setting, which in your case should be "CloudStack". The code is here [1]. Once the data is fetched it gets cached in the instance. The code also has a reference to the doc for CloudStack.


[1] https://github.com/canonical/cloud-init/blob/main/cloudinit/sources/DataSourceCloudStack.py


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