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cloud-init user data deployed by terraform on custom AWS AMI



I am trying to mount a instance block device (non EBS) similar to


With the hostname parameter in cloud config I noticed an error ( I
don't recall the exact location where I saw this)

I removed the hostname parameter. In the runcmd section I added a line
to write a file to /tmp/cc to try to see if the script is executed. -
echo "" > /tmp/cc

I am not seeing any sign of execution.

I made a look at /var/lib/cloud/instance/user-data.txt and it appears
that the cloud config script is executed.

There appears to be a systemd cloud-init.service enabled. When I look
at the logs it appears to be displaying a log generating ssh key

In order to debug this:

How do I first manually execute the user-data script using cloud-init
to test functionality without testing terraform deployment?

How do I get better insight into the cloud-init service or why it's
not executing the script?

For example, I don't see anything related to the user-data script from
journalctl -u cloud-init

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