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Provisioning bare metal boxes with cloud-init?


I have an old laptop in which I'd like to install Ubuntu Server 22.04 and
provision it automatically with a cloud-init template.
I've been doing this for some time with a Raspberry Pi 4, whose Ubuntu
image already comes with an accessible
user-data file that you can modify to your liking before booting it for the
first time (https://ubuntu.com/download/raspberry-pi).

However it's not clear to me at all how to do this with a run of the mill
x86_64 box. I know that Ubuntu Server comes preinstalled
with cloud-init and that the installation program (subiquity?) uses it for
some of the tasks (like creating your main user), but I have no clue how to
feed cloud-init my own user-data and execute on the next boot. Or provide
the template during the installation process so that it runs on first boot,
like an EC2 instance would.

Just to clarify I'm not interested in autoinstall. I don't mind running the
Ubuntu installation wizard manually. What I want to automate
is the post-installation setup (adding third party PPAs, installing
packages, creating files and users etc.)

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