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Cloud-init migrating to Github Issues


Cloud-init is migrating bug tracking from Launchpad to Github Issues in
order to provide better integration with Github along with fulfilling a
community preference.

On Tuesday, May 9th, we will enable filing upstream bugs in Github Issues,
and the upstream Launchpad bug tracker for cloud-init will be closed to
opening new issues. We will then begin the process of migrating all issues
(including closed issues) from Launchpad into Github. During migration, a
bug representing the original Launchpad bug will be created in Github
issues. Any open bug on Launchpad will be closed as "Expired", and a
comment will be added to the bug linking it to the new Github Issues bug.
The migrated bugs in Github Issues will reflect the relevant open or closed
state in Launchpad, and Github labels will be applied to capture any
relevant status. Bugs in Launchpad will still be reachable but read-only.
Any bugs that are private will NOT be touched as they may contain sensitive
information. Please continue to interact with those bugs on Launchpad.

Note that only upstream project bugs are moving. Launchpad will remain the
bug tracker for the cloud-init package within Ubuntu[1]. Bugs targeted to
"Ubuntu(cloud-init)" will not have those tasks changed, even if the
upstream component moves to Github Issues.

Migration may take some time, but during the process, you will still be
able to create new bugs on Github Issues.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out ASAP either by
responding here or asking in the Libera IRC #cloud-init channel.


[1] Downstream Ubuntu packaging bugs