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cloud-init summit 2023: published meeting notes


 Hello cloud-init community!

   We wanted to provide a summary of the notes from the August 2023
cloud-init Summit in a more digestible fashion so individuals without
Google accounts can also review the meeting notes to get up to speed on the
conversations and topics covered at the event.

First of all, many thanks to our sponsors for the event:

* Microsoft Azure for providing meeting rooms, video conferencing and
lunches/snacks for both days at their Redmond Campus.
* Canonical for sponsoring travel and the group dinner on Wednesday night.
* The presenters who made this event possible by providing excellent
content, demos and discussions.

  To showcase some of the speaker contributions, we will soon link event
highlights, presentation materials and maybe a couple of videos of
presentations in our project documentation at:

 Detailed meeting notes per session are currently available at:

  For those who weren't able to attend, this meeting was Canonical's first
hybrid attendance summit, with both physical and virtual participants. The
running notes are transcribed from a shared Google document to provide
simpler access. The original shared notes are also available.

Below is an ordered list of scheduled topics that were covered, and the
presenters who led those presentations:

-- Summit day 1
1. Presentation Recent Features / Roadmap / Q & A: Brett Holman (Canonical)
2, Presentation Intro to our new technical author: Sally Makin (Canonical)
3. Presentation FreeBSD State of the Union: Mina Galic (FreeBSD Foundation)
4.Presentation Status of cloud-init versions and support in various
distribution downstreams: Chad Smith (Canonical)
5. Roundtable Python version support matrix and deprecation plan: James
Falcon (Canonical)
6. Roundtable Status of distribution downstream patches: Brett Holman
7. Roundtable Status of testing and/or publication of cloud-init in various
OSes: Chad Smith (Canonical)
8. Demo Integration testing updates for pycloudlib: James Falcon
9. Presentation Security policy overview: Chad Smith
10. Demo Ubuntu live installer: Dan Bungert (Canonical)
11. Demo Canonical CPC, test framework John Chittum (Canonical public cloud
12. Demo Cloud-init schema validation and validation service: Alberto
Contreras (Canonical)

-- Summit day 2
13. Presentation Cloud-init and Alpine: Dermot Bradley (AlpineLinux)
14. Presentation Documentation overhaul and policy for cloud-init (Sally
15. Roundtable Boot speed in cloud-init: Chad Smith, Alberto Contreras,
Catherine Redfield (Canonical)
16. Demo instance-id in LXD: James Falcon (Canonical)
17. Demo Cloud testing tools in the cloud-init ecosystem: Chris Patterson,
Ahn Vo (Microsoft)
18. Roundtable Rotten tomatoes: what can the cloud-init project do better?
19. Discussion ISC-dhclient deprecation status: Brett Holman
20. Breakout sessions With Oracle and AWS: Fabio Martins and Kyler Horner
21. Many thanks to all of our presenters and participants!

Happy hacking,
Chad Smith