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March 22nd: Cloud-init readthedocs migration and redirects to https://docs.cloud-init.io


Hello cloud-init community,

As discussed at the cloud-init summit last year, we have been investigating
setting up publication to our own primary docs site at https:/
docs.cloud-init.io for more fine-grained control of how and where our docs
are rendered.

We have set up the host and publication machinery,  tested redirects, and
are ready to change our primary documentation site URL.

On March 22nd, we plan to migrate our official doc website to:

What this means:

  This should be a seamless migration. We expect that there will not be any
interruption for existing links which point to the old
https://cloud-init.readthedocs.io. All paths under cloud-init.readthedocs.io
will automatically be redirected to the same paths under the new
https://docs.cloud-init.io site.

We will monitor the new hosted docs site for any significant upticks in
404s and resolve them quickly if problems occur.

If you discover any URLs that generate an unexpected 404, we have provided
a link on the 404 page which suggests filing a documentation bug for any
page or path we may have missed and we'll ensure that appropriate redirects
are fixed.

Action for you:

  If your product documentation exposes the
https://cloud-init.readthedocs.io URL please think about updating that
documentation to the new site: https://docs.cloud-init.io.

As always, if there are any questions or concerns with this upcoming change
please let us know on the mailing list, in github or on Libera.chat in the
#cloud-init IRC channel and we'll attempt to resolve those questions.

Many thanks,
Chad Smith
cloud-init upstream dev