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Updated website structure


I've pushed up the new CoApp.org website.

I'm aiming for a little simpler layout for content, and a trivial path to promote docs from the wiki to the website.

The previous incarnation was running on Jekyll (written in ruby and the syntax highlighter was written in python). Together that was about a 190mb install to get up and running (along with a  lot of little steps!)

This site uses (my fork of) DocPad -- it's a static site generator written in node.js.

I added the triple-backtick (```) color-syntax highlighting that github-flavored-markdown uses along with support for embedded javascript (.ejs), and a bunch of other little fixes.

You can clone the source from github, and run the tool to generate the static site without having to install *anything* (well, other than git!)

Next, I'll start  by putting in docs the how-to modify the website right in the website : http://coapp.org/pages/contribute.html (see the stuff under
I can help write documentation or add to the website)

For now, if you want to play with it, clone it , and run the server.cmd script -- it will regenerate the site every time you modify anything under src/ and serve it up at http://localhost:9778/index.html ...

If you have fixes or ideas, feel free to post 'em or send pull requests. :)


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