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Updating pTk


I've completed the first run of docs on ptk : http://coapp.org/reference/ptk.html .

I was just working on producing a .buildinfo file for the CoApp toolkit, and realized there are a few things that ptk doesn't handle (not surprising, it's not supposed to be 'finished').

Anyway, so I'm going to add a couple more features to the .buildinfo script:

-          A new property called 'default'  that can be set to 'false' (or 'no') that can be set to make a given build configuration not automatically build by default.

-          Make 'uses' a bit smarter, so if you don't specify a path, it assumes that the configuration is in the local file, and performs the build on them first. (makes common steps easier)

-          The ability to set macro/environment variables in a rule that are passed down to the dependent build tasks. (so you can pass 'release' or 'debug' down easier)

I'm not trying to replace make/msbuild/etc.. I just want to make sure we can wrap up any convoluted build we need to.


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