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Problems using coapp



1) I have build Coapp from source on x86 machine running Windows7. I
downloaded the packages from coapp package
but the package is not installing. I have tried running the msi fies
directly and also using the "coapp.exe install-package path". But the
coapp.exe stops working.

2) I also tried compiling devtools but it failed showing :

*" Error    9    Invalid Resx file. Could not find file
Line 139, position 5.
139    5    autopackage"*

 then i commented ( Line 136 to 142
\devtools\autopackage\Properties\Resources.resx)  the error lines and
compiled again and it succeeded. But the tool was not working properly, it
was showing some bootstrap related error. So what should be done to avoid
this error ?

Looking forward for your reply :)


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