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Re: How to uninstall CoApp?



That damn 'did-it-install-ok' happens occasionally. It's because the damn bootstrapper exits quickly, and the OS isn't sure what just happened.

I'm not sure if there is anything we can do to suppress that. I'll have to find out.


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On 14 April 2012 08:59, Fredrik Sundqvist <fsundqvist@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> You can remove CoApp and all related CoApp stuff with:
> http://coapp.org/cleaner

Yes, I tried the cleaner, but it when I try to install fresh version I'm getting some confusing results.
I hope the screenshot attached will make it through to the list.

So, here is what I did:

1. Launched the cleaner and wiped out all CoApp stuff 2. Downloaded and launched the recent CoApp Toolkit installer.
3. The installation goes fine until the point where I see screen coapp-still-installed.png 4. I go for Remove.
5. Then I launch the installer again and now I see this coapp-still-wants-reinstall.png

Does it look right?

In spite of that, it seems the recent CoApp Toolkit has been installed

C:\Users\mloskot>coapp -version
Outercurve Foundation CoApp Version for x64 ...

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