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Re: CoApp Visual Studio plugin


Wow, Awesome.

I should have a stable enough build this week that you can actually use to interact with the package manager (requesting packages, installation, upgrading, updating, etc.) Essentially, you'll just need to install the base CoApp package (when I publish it) and reference the CoApp.Client and CoApp.Toolkit assemblies from the c:\programdata\ReferenceAssemblies folder.

The Client API has changed a ton over the last four weeks, (primarily making it a lot simpler, flexible and a heck-of-a-lot faster).

(I'd have a moderately stable build out today, but I got sucked into doing some paperwork/management tasks, and may not get done with it till too late today)

you can get  a sneak peek at the important interfaces by looking at my fork of the CoApp engine:


In the /Client/ folder, the important classes are PackageManager and Package (nearly everything you'll need is handled in those classes). You may also need to peek at the /Common/ folder to see the IPackage interface.

Given that the VS Plugin may require some slightly different kinds of information from the package manager, if you need more stuff than the interfaces support, I can certainly add them (ie, you probably need to know the path to the .lib and .h files of a given developer library, etc)

I'm not really thrilled with 'Coget' ... I'd prefer sticking to just a 'CoApp' name (ie, CoApp for Visual Studio), as we're going to be adding in support for additional package formats in the future, with CoApp being an interface to them all.)


From: Henrik Juvonen [henjuv@xxxxxx]
Sent: Monday, May 21, 2012 2:20 AM
To: Garrett Serack
Subject: CoApp Visual Studio plugin


I've pretty much finished the prototype so I can start working on the proper implementation, documentation and testing. I'll probably keep using the github-page for progress-updates and I'll use the wiki for documentation. Also I was thinking about naming the plugin "CoGet" (coapp+nuget) if that's okay?