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Notes about changes to autopackage and pTk


I've recently just added a feature to autopackage (and PTK) so that '@import' 
files can now automatically be loaded from somewhere other than the COPKG 

It now searches the following directories for the file:

		=> c:\users\<user>\AppData\Roaming\etc\<filename>

		=> c:\users\<user>\AppData\Local\etc\<filename>

		=> c:\programdata\etc\<filename>

then it tries to find the file in the current directory and walks it's way up 
the directory tree to find it.

So if you are working in c:\projects\coapp\zlib\COPKG\ it will look for :

It will grab the first one it finds in that order.

The CoApp package will now install an
file in 

So that we don't have to put outercurve.inc into every single shallow fork, and 
it can still be referenced with 

@import "outercurve.inc";


The other benefit, is that you can put in a custom file in your %APPDATA%\etc 
folder, and it will use that first (so if you want local customizations, you 
don't have to do painful workarounds)


Oh, and it also tries (but won't complain on fail) to import a <file>.user for 
any file that it's loading-- so when you have :


you can have a file called


And it will get auto-included (so you can have local settings that will get 
automatically loaded.

This also means that you can have a .buildinfo.user file as well!


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