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Re: NuGet


That's actually the next step that I'm working on right this very minute.

Autopackage takes binaries (in all their glorious variations) and packages them up.

Right now, I'm working on a build automation tool which handles two things:

-          Builds multiple variations -- and trivializing A x B x C ... matrixes of variations.

-          For each specific variation, it can  collect the files built or changed  and feed them into an Autopackage script.

It doesn't require that you change *how* you currently build (so if a particular library is built well with CMake, it can stay that way), it primarily deals with making a consistent interface to building something, along with making variations of builds easier.

We originally had a command line tool (ptk) that did this, but it was really fragile, and didn't handle the VS2012 tool layout at all, and was getting way to tricky to keep ducktaping it back into shape.

The newer "ptk" is implemented as a powershell cmdlet, and pretty much everything it will do will be driven by configuration files (so, adding new tools isn't a bloody recompile!)

And oddly enough, internally it uses MSBuild--mainly because the process model for PTK and MSBUILD were so damn similar already, and I had already built an easy way to generate msbuild scripts while building Autopackage.


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This page describes how to package something:



- How to build the binaries from source? I am interested in particular in how to build CMake-based projects. Meaning: how to add the how-to-build information to the AutoPackage script?

- How to publish that package so that it is available from Visual Studio for other users?

Thank you

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)