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Re: Test-driving the new CoApp


Hmm. I'll be back at my development box in about an hour; lemme see if I broke something.


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Sent: Tuesday, October 8, 2013 1:03 PM
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Subject: [Coapp-developers] Test-driving the new CoApp

Hey guys,

I've been taking the new CoApp for a ride. Looks great, turns out I like the overlay packages a lot. Would be nice to reuse the same mechanism to overlay the redist packages on managed packages (like c# wrappers) but this can come later.

For now I just wanted to get everything up and running. I've been able to generate a test package, and I'm able to install it on a C++ project. However, when I hit build, this warning pops up:

"Overlay Package 'package.redist-Win32_v110 v2.4.6' installed correctly, but the nupkg file 'packages\package.2.4.6\package.redist-Win32_v110.2.4.6.nupkg' is not in the expected location."

After that, the build fails with a link error, stating it couldn't find the .lib files. A manual check reveals that the packages had not actually been installed. I'm deploying them from a local repository, which should in principle be fine...

I also tried to install them manually, and although they did install correctly, the same warning shows up, which is weird, since hopefully now the nupkgs should be in the expected location.

Any hints on how to proceed? Also, in general it's nice for these kind of error messages to actually indicate where the "expected location" is, so we can workaround the issue a bit more.