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[Bug 164893] Re: Compiz misrembers full-screen status of closed applications


Hi Robert! I don't know if bug #159382 applies. Firstly, I don't know
how to tell Gompiz to remember window locations. Secondly, some windows
that are not full-screen seem to be opened in the same position they
last had (e.g., Nautilus and Geany), others seem to be wildly
distributed around the screen (e.g., gnome-terminal). I suspect Nautilus
remembers its own positions (since it does it per folder), while others
are handled by the “Place Windows” plugin.

However, for full-screen windows (made full-screen via Compiz's “Extra
WM Actions” plugin), this doesn't seem to be remembered. For instance,
if I close a Nautilus folder or Geany window in full-screen mode, it
will open in maximized mode; gnome-terminal, however, always starts in
the same size (I suppose it requests it) and placed in an empty spot on
my screen. I don't have much of a problem with the terminal, but the
others going from full-screen to maximized are annoying.

(In fact, I'd like to completely replace maximize with full-screen

I'm attaching my current Compiz configuration (exported from ccsm), in
case it helps. Try the following to reproduce (using my Compiz config):

1) Open Geany;
2) Move and resize the window to some easily-identifiable configuration (say, left/bottom quarter of the screen);
3) Close Geany;
4) Start Geany again; notice it remembered its position.
5) Make Geany full-screen (F11 on my Compiz configuration).
6) Close Geany;
7) Start Geany again; notice how it's maximized rather than full-screen. I expect it to be full-screen.

The above should work the same with a Nautilus window, provided it's
always the same folder, or with Firefox. It won't work at all with the
Gnome terminal (start+T on my config).

** Attachment added: "compiz.config"

Compiz misrembers full-screen status of closed applications
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