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[Bug 348432] Re: Jaunty - after upgrade from 8.10, no window decorator at login


*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 197820 ***

Hello, I'm having the same problem. I have Ubuntu Jaunty fresh installed
on HP 6735s with ATI HD3200 graphics with restricted driver installed
from the binary installer from the ATI website... now when i login, i
have no window decoratino at all. I put Fusion Icon in Startup
applications and every time i login from the first time, i have to right
click in fusion icon and reload window manager... then compiz reloads
with decoration (gtk-window-decoration)... i have decoration plugin
enabled and tried to change the command to gtk-window-decorator
--replace and it doesn't worked.... some ideas? i had to install ATI
drivers because ubuntu package in "hardware drivers" made jockey crash a
few times and with synaptics, the flgrx-driver hanged my laptop in login
with strange lines and ubuntu echoes at tht top of the screen. Then,
after installing ATI driver from the website following the installation
guide, everything is fine... compiz works fine, 3D acceleration is
awesome.... BUT with no decoration and no effects at login... in Fusion
Icon the marked window manager appears to be as "compiz" but i have to
reload every time to have all running fine....

any ideas?


Jaunty - after upgrade from 8.10, no window decorator at login
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