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[Bug 288822] Re: Slight ripping of video when compiz is enabled


*** This bug is a duplicate of bug 212587 ***


You can't check the framebuffers for vsync problems, because it's not an
issue that'll show up in the framebuffer. Typically, in applications
that attempt to do vsync, there are two complete, correct buffers. The
app then swaps the inactive (back) buffer to screen when the monitor is
doing its vertical sync, (ie, not drawing to the screen) so that screen
updates aren't visible to the user. If there's a problem with that code,
it swaps the buffers in the middle of drawing the screen, and you see
the "tearing" effect.

So there's really nothing to check in the buffers, as they'll likely
always be correct. The problem is a matter of timing: when is compiz or
whatever window manager you're using swapping the buffers? And why isn't
it doing it during the monitor vsync?

Slight ripping of video when compiz is enabled
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