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[Bug 269904] Re: Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid



sorry for getting rude. I am working now since weeks with a crappy unsable X-Server under 9.04 32bit.
Today I have lost about 4 hours of work. And I have to finish the work tomorrow until 12pm. I had never worked on such a crappy linux-distribution since the 8.10 and especially the 9.04 updates!
I have never had such a crappy x-server, there the server dies regularly! Usually I had to setup the x-server one time (sometimes with pain) and only one time. And the complete work on the desktop/notebook was done. Since 8.10 the x-server seems to be a pretty crap from the point of stability.

To my history. I work with linux since 10 years. With Ubuntu since 2005.
I switched our servers 2006 with the availability of LTS to ubuntu.
Therefore I am not a noob from the point of ubuntu-server. From the
point of ubuntu-desktop. I never had a problem to fix a unstable

I have asked multiple times how I could support here, to get the error
fixed. For now I have got pretty few answers.

I tried all proposed solutions and none of them fixed my problem. The
bugs in the screenrefreshes have been eased but not fixed. I sometimes
get further screenrefresh-errors on the x-screen. Now with the PPA-
drivers my x-server dies pretty regularly.

So am I really forced to switch to back to redhat/novell(suse)? I hope

So again I ask you how can I support you to figure out there the problem is.
I cannot see anything in the logs, which give my a clue. How can I increase the verbosity of the x-server logs and maybe the verbosity of the nvidia-driver?

Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid
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