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[Bug 328679] Re: keyboard bindings partially ignored


I upgraded to Jaunty and had the same sort of issue.  Alt+F2 still
worked, but not Alt+F1, nor my shortcuts to open a terminal or to open
an editor.  (Which were assigned to Mod4+c and Mod4+e respectively)    I
went into CompizConfig Settings Manager and enabled the "Commands"
plugin, and my editor and command prompt keys came back, but Alt+F1 was
still broken.

After this, I went to a terminal and did metacity --replace &   to
switch to metacity and check it out --- the keybindings all still work
in metacity.   Then I did  compiz --replace &  to come back to Compiz
and after doing this, Alt+F1 worked again.

keyboard bindings partially ignored
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