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[Bug 259385] Re: [i845] Intrepid Compiz freezes on login for i845


Karmic A5 CD on my i845 couldn't get by the first boot screen.  Nothing
on the keyboard worked.  The CD did boot and run on my two ati pc's so
the CD burn was O.K.  A5 is the same as daily build 20090902.

Daily build CD 20090905 booted and died on the i845.  I usually have to
put in "nomodeset" on the linux line in the boot, and add a
/etc/X11/xorg.conf specifying driver "vesa".  On my pc's karmic "vesa"
performance is slower than intrepid while the intel driver if it runs at
all can be two or three times slower than "vesa".  I can get the intel
driver to run somewhat by specifying DRI 0 however that is pig slow,
namely 95.6 seconds to do benchmark GtkPerf from Synaptic while vesa
runs it in 32.2 seconds.

Compiz itself I haven't run since Intrepid had trouble with it, and
jaunty had it blacklisted for intel drivers.  I usually run full screen
applications so "eye candy" compiz doesn't do anything except insert
extra in-line code to video applications.

This bug is about i845, but do note i830 hangs with a frozen gdm
desktop.  I'll try acpi=off, thanks.


[i845] Intrepid Compiz freezes on login for i845
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