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[Bug 177510] Re: Impossible to switch workspace on compiz when VirtualBox is opened


I can reproduce this even with compiz turned off/not enabled. So this bug is not compiz-dependant. 
Try to run a guest xp and use ctrl+alt+(right|left)to switch between workspaces.

Say, the virtualbox is running on desk2 (the only program on this desk
or the one that's "focused"). If you are on desk1  and use the hotkey
combination to switch to desk2 as long as you hold down ctrl+alt you can
use the arrows to switch to desk3 or back to desk1. As soon as you
release ctrl+alt on desk2 and the virtualbox gets focus the desktop
switch hotkey stops working.

The problem is that the guest gets all the focus and virtualbox passes
all the keystrokes to the guest (in this case windows xp) so that they
don't "get through" to ubuntu. I've noticed this while running an
program in guest xp which also had a ctrl+alt+arrows hotkey and
responded to it.

Maybe a workaround could be that the virtualbox, apart of passing all
the keystrokes to the guest, could echo these to ubuntu as well (or at
least those specified in System>Preferences>keyboard shortcuts)? What do
you think?

Impossible to switch workspace on compiz when VirtualBox is opened
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