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[Bug 153204] Re: [MASTER] Applications are flickering/flashing in full screen mode


The closest I've found is from
http://www.nvnews.net/vbulletin/showthread.php?t=95034, post 12:

"Unredirect Fullscreen Windows

Unfortunately, the damn thing doesn't work properly. At this moment, it
doesn't seem to help the FPS lags, but in UT2004 it does manage to steal
the mouse focus so you can't play the game at all.

Alas, Unredirect Fullscreen Windows (UFW) is one of the buggiest
features in compiz and has had a long history of not working, half-
working and triggering other bugs. It seems most of the compiz
developers don't use any other 3D apps at all besides compiz itself.

So, the solution to your problem is a working UFW setting in compiz, but
this is the wrong forum to get a fix."

I'm guessing that this means I should open a thread that explains that
unredirect works fine for cards except NV, but I want to be sure before
I start opening threads.

[MASTER] Applications are flickering/flashing in full screen mode
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