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Re: [Bug 359392] Re: [i965] X freezes starting on April 3rd


> This bug has been around for a very long time now--it seems over a year
> and a half (not just from April because I have seen related posts dating
> to 2008).

There are lots of different bugs that lead to the same problem -
namely that the system freezes. This particular bug report is for the
freezes that started occuring on April 3rd on many systems. This
problem has been found (the driver was reading ahead too far into
unallocated memory) and fixed. There are other bugs that can cause
this (and new bugs may be introduced), but it is not the same bug.

> Why is it so hard to remedy?

Because each bug has a different fix. They're working on a workaround
upstream that will automatically restart the GPU when it hangs, but
since that a significant chunk of new code it takes time to implement.

If you're system is experiencing freezes, file it as new bug report
with `ubuntu-bug -p xserver-xorg-video-intel`, and also provide the
information described at
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Troubleshooting/Freeze (Batchbuffer stuff,

[i965] X freezes starting on April 3rd
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