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[Bug 301174] Re: Use proper sound event instead of system beep


@michael perigard: thanks for your insightful comments - blacklisting
pcspr pretty much obfuscates the issue.

However, neither metacity nor compiz are the issue. Using KDE, I'm using
neither of those; but Firefox keeps beeping (not that I have an issue
with the beeping itself - but it should honor GNOME settings). The beep
is caused by using XkbBell() (you can trigger that by simply calling
xkbbell binary). GTK uses this from gdk_display_beep() and
gdb_window_beep(). GNOME uses that from who knows where. So this is
entirely a GTK/GNOME issue. Run a debugger on the program that keeps
beeping, set a breakpoint on XkbBell(), and run. When the breakpoint is
hit, the backtrace tells you what precisely needs to be fixed.

Use proper sound event instead of system beep
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