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[Bug 219163] Re: Compiz disables Alt-F2 for run dialog in KDE3


none of these workarounds worked for me either (Kubuntu Jaunty), but
then I did the following:

1) in confizconfig settings manager, keep gnome compatibility enabled,
but change the two keybindings to something unused in KDE (I chose
<alt><super>F6 and <alt>F6).

2) In System Settings > Global Keyboard Shortcuts > Run Command
Interface, verify that <alt>F1 and <alt>F2 still map correctly.

3) Log out, and log back in.

Now both <alt>F1 and <alt>F2 work as they did before I installed Confiz.

hope something works for you!

Compiz disables Alt-F2 for run dialog in KDE3
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