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[Bug 463369] Re: LTSP Karmic Ubuntu 9.10 - Unable to log in


I diff'ed Gadi's compiz wrapper against the Intrepid one: It checks for
$DISPLAY and bails out with "Remote display detected.  Force fallback
wm. \n". So it will just not run the other probing, including glxinfo
which seems to be dangerous on Kenneth's card if he is running XAA.

So I think the whole issue boils down to "glxinfo makes the radeon
driver misbehave with XAA on RN50". By the way, XAA is chosen instead of
EXA by default in the driver when there is little video memory (16MB

>From yesterday's IRC conference with Kenneth and some other people
involved in debugging this issue, I understood that when using EXA there
is no problem at all.

Also, as per Stéphane's experience it would be wrong to apply Gadi's
modification in general.

** Summary changed:

- LTSP Karmic Ubuntu 9.10 - Unable to log in
+ [RN50] glxinfo breaks with XAA (needs EXA)

[RN50] glxinfo breaks with XAA (needs EXA)
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