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[Bug 410407] Re: [READ DESCRIPTION] Flash is not recognizing mouse clicks in multiple situations


I have a theory as to the cause.  I'm experiencing this in Chromium with
Compiz on, but I don't think it's the fault of either.  When you hover
over certain buttons/items in a flash box, they register as links with
the OS, and the mouse changes to show that.  For most cursors it changes
to be a hand, on mine, the cursor just blinks, to each their own.
However, when the cursor is in link mode over flash, and you click, the
cursor is moved to the right by 1 pixel.  I can verify that it's not
just my mouse moving because it works on A) my trackball, and B) my
touchpad, with my hands off the ball/pad respectively.  Flash registers
this click/move as a Drag, not a Click, and doesn't click the button.  I
can 99% guarantee this, because if I move my mouse to the left at JUST
the right rate, the 1 pixel shift is counteracted, the click goes
through as a click, and the button registers.  This also explains the
right-click trick, and very rapid click trick, as both of those register
clicks before flash can shift the cursor.  I'd like confirmation, from
anyone with a low enough resolution monitor and a trackpad with separate
buttons, to see the shift, and that it's only on links in flash.

I don't have a solution, other than get really good at clicking while
dragging left at just the right speed.

[READ DESCRIPTION] Flash is not recognizing mouse clicks in multiple situations
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