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[Bug 150690] Re: Can't drag a window to another workspace


No Lionel. Changing the tool-tip when compiz is active (since, compiz
breaks the DnD functionality) would then make everything work as
expected & keep the tool-tips useful for both cases. Yes, changing the
tool-tip won't fix the DnD problems when compiz is loaded, but it will
correct the problem of the tool-tip telling the user they can do
something when they clearly cannot do it.

Have two tool-tips: 1 for metacity, 1 for compiz. Tool-tip issue is
fixed - reporting correct functionality in both cases. DnD works with
plain vanilla metacity; therefore the tool-tip should stay stating
"Click to start dragging...". However, if compiz is being used & DnD
doesn't work, then changing the tool-tip - in that circumstance - is the
right solution, as the functionality is not there.

Why would you keep a known wrong, easily fixed tool-tip for
functionality that isn't there? "Some people are used to it" - it should
not have even gotten to that point. Stealing from your analogy: Just
because you're used to the kitchen being on fire doesn't mean it's OK
for it to be on fire.

And what is the wrong signal? "We acknowledge this functionality is
broken for the time being; so, we will update the tool-tip to help the
user know what will happen with metacity & with compiz. Once the
functionality is restored the tool-tip will again be changed to help the
user know what happens." How is that the wrong signal? Sounds like what
open software is all about to me.

Can't drag a window to another workspace
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