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[Bug 161000] Re: Hang using window switcher (alt-Tab)


I have the latest updates as of two days ago on Jaunty Jackalope.. And this issue is hit frequently.. 
So much so that, I have disabled all types of "Alt-Tab" window switchers including the basic one.. 

My graphics card is the intel 965 board's default card.. (dell vostro 1310 laptop).. It's blacklisted on jaunty and I 
had to disable blacklisting.. but then _everything_ else on compiz works except this annoying bug exists.. 
The system just freezes on alt-tab.. (the shifter pop up / ring display comes before it freezes..) and not even 
ctrl alt backspace / delete works... can't go to a terminal with ctrl alt f1.. hard reset is the only option..

it has happened on this box almost everytime when I've had quite a few windows open (like maybe 4-5 on each face
of a cube of four faces..)

I'd recommend making this bug a high priority, looks like something's
seriously bugged up in the switcher code..

Hang using window switcher (alt-Tab)
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