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[Bug 91786] Re: Compiz's Panel shadows show on top of other windows



I like your solution, but there is a slight problem (bug in current
compiz):  panels marked "below" cannot be accessed by keyboard with the
'switch between panels' shortcut.


I understand your problem completely.  The bottom panel is a special
case.  Unlike OS X, Gnome uses the standard window colors for their
panel.  So the panel and windows blend together.

I only use the bottom panel to hold launchers, so I set it to
transparent color (taskbar on top panel).  This helps tremendously.
Like an OS X dock, there is good distinguishment.  (It's even better
when the *window* casts a shadow on this dock-panel).

I see your problem (can't tell the two apart), and for that reason, I
can understand why the bottom panel should have the proper shadow.

This is a bummer, since it's really kinda strange on the top panel.
Perhaps different shadow settings could be used on each panel.

Or, maybe Ubuntu could try either A) get rid of the dumb default double-
panel layout, or B) use different colors for panel than for windows (the
shiki-colors themes do this pretty well).

Compiz's Panel shadows show on top of other windows
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