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[Bug 214692] Re: scrolling in evolution or firefox (or others) create glitches on the window


I've just recently started using Ubuntu (version 9.10) and have been
having this problem. It makes dual monitor mode pretty much unusable
with Compiz turned on, at least in my work environment. Oddly, though, I
don't seem to have the same problem at home with the same laptop and an
almost identical second monitor. [Not completely sure about that,
though, as the problem doesn't seem to occur immediately after boot and
I don't use my laptop in that configuration at home very often.]

Following a suggestion in this thread, I just turned compiz off and the
problem immediately disappeared. Whether it stays away, however, remains
to be seen! Unlike some previous posters,  I had the problem with all
modes of scrolling (scrollbar,  arrow keys or mousewheel), not just with
the mousewheel, although it's worse with the mousewheel. And I think it
occurs in any application though its symptoms are a bit different
depending on the app.

I attach a zip of the two requested files plus the output from lspci.

I just turned compiz back on again, set the settings to default as you
asked, and the problem (after a while) is back with a vengeance. I can't
seem to get a screen dump, though -- any attempt to use the window dump
accessory or xwd causes an immediate redraw of the offending window,
which then looks fine. Just FYI -- may or may not be relevant -- I have
the impression that the issue is somehow timing related. In some cases
I've seen the torn-looking window then, perhaps half a second later,
have seen the bad bit get repainted OK. At other times the repaint
simply doesn't happen and the problem remains.

A fix would be great, but in the meantime I'll just run with Compiz off.

Incidentally, thanks for a great support operation. So far, at least,
I'm thrilled with the switch over to Ubuntu, running Windows, only when
I really have to, under Sun VirtualBox.

** Attachment added: "Zip contains .xsession-errors, /var/log/Xorg.0.log and the output from lspci."

scrolling in evolution or firefox (or others) create glitches on the window
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