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[Bug 356702] Re: tooltips stick when they shouldn't


Are we sure this is really a bug in compiz?  It seems too early to
determine that and reassign the bug.  There are plenty of other tooltips
that are used in other applications and I never see those hang up like
this using compiz.  It seems to only be a combination of libwnk and
compiz that shows the problem... which means the problem might be in
compiz, but it might also be in libwnk.  Just because libwnk doesn't
show this issue with metacity and does with compiz doesn't mean it's
compiz's fault.

Anyway.  Hopefully this doesn't turn into one of those bugs that falls
"between the cracks" of different packages, and so is not ever fixed by
anyone.  It would be great if one package would own the issue long
enough to investigate the problem and understand the behavior
sufficiently to justify reassigning it, before doing so.

tooltips stick when they shouldn't
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