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[Bug 135418] Re: black screen after resolution change with activated compiz


This seems to fit my situation. I have a Nvidia 7300 card. This bugged
me at first when trying to play Starcraft with Wine. When using Ubuntu
8.04 - 9.04 (upgraded) I was able to launch and play Starcraft, i.e.
change to 640x480, but it always crashed when switching back to
1240x1024. Have been thinking it's a problem with Wine for months now.
After upgrading to Ubuntu 9.10 it also crashes changing to 640x480 so I
can no longer play Starcraft. Can still hear the sound playing correctly
in the background so something is still happening though. Turning off
Visual Effects makes it run perfectly! It is weird that, although my
screens native resolution is 1240x1024, changing to 1024x768 always
seems to "work", i.e. does not cause a crash/black screen, but compiz-
real then still uses almost 100% of resources.

I would greatly appreciate it if this would be fixed so I could show off
to friends and family flipping Starcraft around running on one side of
the cube.


black screen after resolution change with activated compiz
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