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[Bug 325108] Re: flickers windows when alt-tabbing on intel


This may be a minor software issue, but I, sadly, cannot use Compiz
until this is fixed (the flicker is very distracting to me). Here is a
discussion with others who want this issue fixed: here:

Here are some details of my situation (copied from my post on the above

I have an ATI Radeon HD 4200 512MB (embedded on Gigabyte motherboard)
using the ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver in Ubuntu 9.10.

Here is one way to reproduce the blip: Open two application windows and
maximize one (e.g., maximize Firefox and open a non-maximized terminal
on top). ALT-TAB rotates which window is up front, which works just fine
while ALT is held down. While still holding ALT, bring the larger window
up front (on top), then release ALT. For me, this causes a momentary
(but very distracting) blip, when I can see both application windows
before the front window is redrawn.

Without any knowledge of Compiz, my guess is that it is performing the
ALT-TAB visual manipulation in some kind of graphic buffer. When ALT is
released, the "fake" image buffer goes away, briefly revealing the
"real" desktop, before the actual application windows can be commanded
to restack themselves.

flickers windows when alt-tabbing on intel
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