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[Bug 342980] Re: GUI elements stop updating


I'm seeing this bug about once a day on a 9.10 laptop with intel
graphics. Gnome Panel 2.28.0.

The appearance of the applets at the top of the screen gets rearranged
and freezes, and the clock stops advancing, so that's maybe the most
obvious symptom to a regular user. For me, the list of windows at the
bottom of the screen is blanked, leaving just the desktop button at the
far left and the trash and workspaces at the far right.

I propose that the definitive test is that you can go to System >
Preferences > Appearance > Visual Effects and change it from Normal to
None, and that fixes it to show the right current state instantly.
That's also, obviously  a good workaround for people having problems
with this bug.

Doing some experiments, I was able to trigger the bug once this way:
Visual Effects set to Normal. Shut the laptop, triggering whatever the
default suspend is. Wake the laptop (entering password), and the applets
are in the messed-up and frozen state. This happened once, but 5
subsequent suspend/resume cycles didn't show the bug. The bug showed
only the *first* time I did a suspend/resume, so I wonder if something
about switching the visuals from Normal to None once clears something
about the underlying bug.

I don't see any logging that jumps out as the problem.

GUI elements stop updating
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