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[Blueprint desktop-lucid-compiz-effects] Review compiz effects that are enabled and available


Blueprint changed by Rick Spencer:

Whiteboard changed:
  To try proposed compiz settings for Lucid (your settings will be
  exported and saved):
  $ bzr branch lp:compiz-settings-lucid
  $ cd compiz-settings-lucid
  $ python compiz-settings.py
  Work items:
  [djsiegel] define new comiz settings, file per-plugin bugs describing changes: DONE
  [seb128] update the compiz lucid package to use dsiegel's settings: DONE
  [seb128] write code to backup the user config on upgrade:
  [seb128] write instructions on how to restore a configuration:
  rickspencer3 2009-12-01: I seem to recall that seb128 volunteered to do
  the necessary work to make this happen for djsiegal. Please adjust if I
  am wrong.
+ rickspencer3 2010-02-09: seems that the last two work items are not
+ necessary. If users have set Advanced in their Appearance->Desktop
+ Effects panel, the update should not modify their compiz settings, as
+ the user is no longer using the defaults. If the user is on Normal, then
+ they cannot modify the defaults, so will get the new defaults. A user on
+ "Advanced" can select "Normal" to get the new defaults.

Review compiz effects that are enabled and available