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[Bug 228343] Re: Ctrl-Alt-Tab no longer moves focus between panels with compiz


Re #1:
> I can confirm this bug. However I think the real bug here is that the default keybindings of compiz overwrites a default keybinding in the gnome desktop.
> Workaround:
> * open gconf-editor
> * change the value of /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/switch_panels
This doesn't seem to make sense. That's a metacity setting, but metacity is not running when Compiz
However I did try adjusting the key bindings in the Gnome Keyboard Shortcuts dialog box, and it affects this key, so Gnome is obviously storing the values here.
I set cycle_panels to Ctrl-Alt-comma, and switch_panels to Ctrl-Alt-period. Neither of these keys have any effect
I suspect that Gnome is writing the settings here for metacity, and Compiz is reading some of them using plugins but not all...
For example, the compiz Gnome Compatibility plugin contains separate settings for Show Main Menu and Run Dialog (Alt-F1 and Alt-F2 by default) - these modify and reflect the global_keybindings under metacity and also in the Keyboard Shortcuts dialog
The Expo plugin has an Expo key setting, and this modifies the Expo key in Keyboard Shortcuts->Desktop->Expo key as well.

I have found that in the Application Switcher plugin there are Bindings for "Next Panel" and "Prev Panel" that can be configured with either mouse or keyboard. However:
 * The keyboard bindings do not connect with the corresponding settings in Keyboard Shortcuts / metacity
 * The functionality seems bizarre. If I set the binding to Ctrl-Alt-period, then pressing that fades out everything except the selected panel. However as soon as I release Ctrl or Alt, the desktop restores to normal and my window regains focus. If I set it to something like period, then the effect lasts for as long as I keep the period key depressed. In addition, any keypresses during the focus on the panel seem to be sent to the last active window, not the panel.
So in effect these key bindings seem to be absolutely useless... unless I'm missing something.

Ctrl-Alt-Tab no longer moves focus between panels with compiz
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